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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define generated revenue?

The combined value of the products sold by Perpetto for a given period.

A product is considered sold by Perpetto and its revenue generated by Perpetto if it has been recommended, viewed in our web widgets or emails, clicked and purchased within a 24 hour window.

How do you guarantee ROI?

Progressively decreasing fee with increasing sales and zero fee if no sales.

If Perpetto doesn’t deliver results we don't get paid. It’s that simple. Moreover as Perpetto starts to perform better and sell more and more our success-based fee decreases progressively.

What about GDPR?

We are GDPR compliant both technically and legally.

Link a database or a third-party tool that holds your consent records and we will make sure that only people with given consent receive our emails, that you can receive his/her data or delete his/her data programmatically.

How do you compare to similar services?

Perpetto is geared for fashion and sports shops with both web and email personalization and no minimum fee.

We employ algorithms for visual similarity that are important for fashion and sports apparel. Also, we are able to personalize both your online shop and your outgoing emails. Furthermore we have no long-term contracts and are paid only after we have delivered the desired results. These are our two most prominent advantages to other personalization and recommendation services.

First invoice and free trial period

If you are not satisfied with our service after one month of usage you can cancel for free.

You won’t be prompted to enter a payment method up until one full month of using Perpetto. At this time you can decide whether to continue or cancel the service. This gives you one month of trial period, which you will pay only if satisfied with the results. If not and you cancel, it will be free of charge.

Can you handle large traffic volumes?

Auto-scaling makes sure that enough servers are handling your traffic.

You are running TV ads for a promotion or Black Friday is coming? With auto-scaling when the traffic spikes, so do the number of servers that run our service, automatically. You and your customers will not notice a difference.

Do you affect the shop’s loading speed?

Loading our SDK and recommendations does not affect the site loading speed.

Our Javascript SDK is loaded asynchronously from a CDN which takes in ~50ms. Once loaded it searches the page for our recommendation placeholders and fetches the recommendations in ~250ms. Overall we have to affect on your site performance even in peak traffic periods.

What about multi-national shops?

We are made with multi-national shops in mind.

You get a single overview of all your shops with one account and the flexibility of configuring multiple shops each with different language, products, prices, currency, teams, billing periods, etc. If they share the design you can just copy pasting the integration and you will be up and running on new countries within a few hours.